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    亚博yaboThis was what Broughton had expected, but he thought he saw his way.


    Then he remembered the closing of the front door. Fran?ois had heard it shut at 1.00 a.m. If Felix left at 11.45, who shut it? As far as he could see, either Felix must be lying when he said he left at 11.45, or else Madame must have gone out by herself at the later hour. But the lawyer did not know which of these had happened, and the worst of it was there seemed no way of finding out.
    ‘Not that I can remember, unless the waiters at the cafés could do so.’


    1.‘But somebody must have seen you?’
    2.When they had gone a fair distance La Touche followed. The girls stood for a moment at the Simplon Station of the Metro, then the pretty typist vanished down the steps, while the others moved on along he pavement. La Touche sprinted to the entrance and was in time to see the gray dress of the quarry disappearing down the passage labelled Porte d’Orléans. He got his ticket and followed to the platform. There was a fairly dense crowd, and, after locating mademoiselle he mingled with it, keeping well back out of sight.
    3.‘My name is La Touche. I want a word or two with you. Will you have a drink with me and my friend here?’
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